Waheedah, a Philadelphia native, has been a part of the fashion and entertainment scene for many years. From PR, marketing, social media, event production, modeling and extensive involvement with the growth of small businesses, she has been and entertaining others with her creativity, enthusiasm and enchanting energy. Her company, Why PR and Marketing has had the opportunity to spearhead some of the most innovative public relations and marketing campaigns in the city. She brings to the table hard work, dedication and she enjoys what she does.

Why PR and Marketing offers a wide range of public relations, marketing and advertising strategies. This includes and not limited to: social media, email marketing, on-line promotions on a wide range of entertainment and event websites, administrative and personal assistance, proposal preparation, the use of the media, press and an ever growing contact listing of organizations in entertainment, fashion and politics.

We are based in the Greater Philadelphia area with a satellite office in Florida.


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